Evo-Ed: Integrative Cases in Evolution Education

Cases for Evolution Education

Evolution Education Links

Below are a list of sites that we find useful for evolution education.

Missing Links

Understanding Evolution

An education website teaching the science and history of evolution


The National Evolutionary Synthesis Center, dedicated to cross-disciplinary research in evolution

DNA to Darwin

An evolution education case studies site that integrates cross-disciplinary research to teach evolution

The Panda's Thumb

A discussion-oriented site examining the evidence for evolutionary theory

Tiktaalik and the Evolution of the Wrist

This resource describes the incredible discovery of the Tiktaalik fossil and how it informs us about the evolution of land-dwelling animals. It also describes the evolution of the wrist, which made it possible for primates to use their hands for gripping and grasping.


Talk Origins Archive

An archive that explores the creation/evolution controversy

Case It!

A project to develop molecular biology simulations for case-based learning

National Center for Case Study Teaching

An archive dedicated to a case-studies, problem-based learning approach to science


An interactive and educational evolution simulator.

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